There was a recent article in the  GLOBE AND MAIL  about  rising costs of household expenses. You  may be surprised with some of the findings.

Do you know that food purchased from stores  spending was down 1.8% but food purchased from restaurants was up 3.6% from a year ago? Landline telephone services were down almost 6%  while cellphone pager and text messaging services were up over 10%.  Clothing and accessories were down almost 3%..  is that a result  of more competitive pricing with US retailers coming to Canada?

The largest increase was surprisingly in pet expenses …  may not reflective in higher food prices but rather  additional health care bills as people to  improve and extend the life of their dear pets.

This is all good information. It’s really  important information to have  if you are facing divorce and  need to see how you’ll manage once you’re on your own.


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